• Silat Master
  • Traditional Doctor
  • Reflexologies
  • National coach

Grand Master Hj Hosni Bin Ahmad practice martial arts since his young age. Master Haji Hosni late father, Daeng Ahmad Bin Daeng Rappon was born in Makkasar Sulewesi. It was said that his grand father, Daeng Rappon was one of the most respectful Spiritual Guru in Makassar Sulawesi.
Apart from heritance nature from his great grand father, he was also the right hand man of Dato’ Meor A.Rahman Of Silat Gayong.

Master Hosni started his own school of silat named HARIMAU (TIGER) in 1974, inspired by the movements of tiger. His students consists of his own family, his son Abdul Fakir bin Hosni, his nephews Isnin bin Amat, Kassim bin Amat and few other close friends. By 1975 Harimau became famous in Singapore and in Malaysia and was recognized by the Malaysian Martial Arts Federation. Silat Harimau represents Singapore, to go all over Malaysia for competitions and demonstrations.

1975 Indonesia

Being someone who craves for knowledge and adventure, Master Haji Hosni did not stop there. He decided to expand and learn more of other styles and culture. In the mid of 1975, he step into Indonesia where his roots came from, his family history make it easier for him to penetrate there apart from his natural ability. He made silat Harimau known and recognized in Indonesia by the end of the year 1975. Since then, his gain knowledge from all the great masters exists in Indonesia.

Grand Master Hj Hosni enthusiasm of knowledge in martial arts, made him bring new ideas in this arena and foresee further development. Hence he started to form a silat group with a new style of arts, which he had inspired from all his masters in Indonesia called AL-HAQ which means –“The Truth”. This new form of martial art is focusing more on spiritual exercise. It started with 20 students and he uses his own house as the training ground! It took him only 2 years to motivate the believers. By then, the group has already expanded to 200 students of different ages and races.

Gerak lessons Spiritual exercise lesson

Grading Sessions

Al-HAQ then was registered with the Singapore Silat Federation (PERSISI) when it was first formed in 1976. Master Haji Hosni then got involved with the development of the Federation and had most of his students to compete in the competition organized by PERSISI. Having most of his students won the championship at each of the national tournaments, PERSISI then invited Master Haji Hosni to coach the Singapore National team. Master Haji Hosni was the Singapore Coach for the Silat National Team from 1985 to 1995.

Pics – national team , 1997 sea games, etc…

Apart from Pencak Silat Master Haji Hosni Bin Ahmad was a very active in other activites such as doing his own business by making traditional medicines like Makjun Lokman Hakim which was distributed and sold mostly at all traditional medicine stores in singapore and Malaysia. Massage oils, balms, Serumpun jamu (herbs), were some of his specialty. Master Haji Hosni is a naturally gifted, humble and kind hearted person. His own house is like a 24hours walk-in clinic where people would come and seek for advice and help from him. He is one of the best masseur exists in Singapore whom had some students graduated and became a reflexologies in Singapore, Malaysia and Canada. During his coaching period with the national team, he was not only coaching but also the physio for his athletes. Because of his experties in massage all students prefer him than anyone else. His spiritual ability is undefiable. He had help thousands of people who were being possessed by bad spirit and helped regained the mentally depressed people too. Master Haji Hosni abilities spread all over Singapore and Malaysia. The news get the attention and confidence of some of the high ranked dato’ (minister) from Malaysia whom he used to advice in many kinds of ways.
Pics – makjun lokman kotak, oils etc…..

One of his hobby and talent is` khat’, he had design most of the logos of the known silat club in Singapore. He master the jawi –……
Grand Master Haji Hosni Bin Ahmad was the most courageous, intelligent, capable, and respectful in physical and spiritual person that ever exists! He is also the most responsible, kind, caring and loving husband, father and Master to all his 17 children. His wish was that his children and all his descendent will continue with these passions at their own ways and paces and of course at their domains. As his children, whom he gave all his confidence, hope he could rest in peace. AMIN

Religious studies for students & family.

A powerful master, a great mentor, a loving father, a responsible husband and a good friend to most of the people who know him personally.
Total of 120 spiritual Masters – Kiyai Falak Bogor, Tubagus Enchong, Pandi kelang Banten, Pendekar Ujang Merah, Tok Janggut(batu pahat) etc.

A l'origine du Club de pencak Silat Alhaq Alhaq est un mouvement composé à l’époque de 10 étudiants, fondé à Singapour en 1971 par Maître Bin Ahmad Hosni suite à un enseignement acquis auprès de plusieurs maîtres de différents styles malaisiens et indonésiens. En 1972, le club regroupe plus de 200 élèves et devient l’une des écoles les plus réputées d’Asie. En 1985, suite à la création de la Fédération Internationale de Pencak Silat (Persilat) et du premier Championnat du Monde officiel, Maître Hosni devient le premier entraîneur de l’équipe national de Singapour jusqu’en 1995. Badriah Hosni, fille de ce dernier, se marrie avec un ressortissant suisse travaillant à Singapour pour une banque. Quand ce dernier est rapatrié dans notre pays, Badriah Hosni commence à enseigner cet art martial à un élève alors âgé de 14 ans. Actuellement, le club genevois comporte une trentaine d’étudiants actif et passifs allant de 4 ans à 40 ans.

Plusieurs personnes faisant partie d’Alhaq on été sélectionnées depuis 1985 dans l’équipe national de Singapour et depuis peu celle de la Suisse. Parmi les neuf champions du monde de Singapour cinq font partie de cette école dont trois sont de la famille de Maître Hosni.